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Beagle Puppy Dog Obedience Training

Obedience Level 1


Get it right from the start! A dependable and well-balanced furry companion begins with learning good manners, communication, teamwork and socialisation. In addition to learning good habits such as walking by your side, coming when called, waiting patiently, and sitting still while you trim its nails, you and your dog will learn how to better communicate with each other and to work as a team.

In this class, you will understand the fundamentals of how dogs learn and how to train your dog. Using various dog training techniques, you will learn how to have better control of your dog, improve your communication and effectively teach your dog five basic obedience commands, namely Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Heel. You will also safely introduce your dog to new people, dogs, things and basic grooming, helping your dog to develop into a stable, well-rounded dog.

Obedience training is about clear communication

Who is it for?

For all dogs and puppies (8 weeks old and up) who have no or low understanding of the five basic obedience commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Heel. For owners who want their dogs to understand, listen and pay attention to them, who want to learn how to do basic grooming, and who want their puppies to grow up to be smart, stable and well-rounded dogs. Dogs should have no major aggression issues.

What is it?

Five group training sessions held weekly at a fixed location. Trainer will teach owners how to teach and train their respective dogs. Owners are expected to practise the assigned exercises. The trainer will monitor the class' progress and tailor each session to the needs of the class.

Each class will be kept small with no more than six dogs.

Click here for more details on the curriculum.

How much is it?

$450 in total for five group training sessions. Training sessions are held once per week unless informed otherwise and last for an hour. Required training equipment is not included.


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