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In Home Training is the solution for busy pawrents

In Home Training

Would you love for your dog to be well mannered and obedient but lack the time, energy and expertise to teach it? Is your dog bored and restless at home, resulting in destructive behaviours or an over exuberant walk when you take it out after an exhausting day of work? Maybe you are travelling out of town? Or perhaps you are struggling with a behavioural issue or bad habit and need an intervention to get your dog on the right track. Rest easy with our In Home Training Packages.

We come to your home and work with your dog one-on-one, focusing on exercises to achieve the training objectives specific to your needs. Training objectives could be socialisation, obedience on and off leash, behaviour modification, learning a new skill, or good habits to be a well mannered member of the family. We keep you informed on what your dog has accomplished after each session, provide tips on our observations, and teach you how to maintain its training and good behaviours instilled during sessions.
Contact us now to arrange a free in-home evaluation and ascertain if In Home Training is suitable for you!


Who is it for?

For all dogs and puppies. For owners who want efficient and effective training for your dog in its natural environment, with the convenience of not having to be present and without the additional stress of a kennel, day care or strange environment. For owners who would like a happy and well-adjusted dog, but may not have the time and capabilities to provide your dog with sufficient physical and mental stimulation daily.

What is it?


The In Home Training Package starts with 20 training sessions of an hour each, with additional increments of 10 sessions thereafter. The trainer will work with your dog one-on-one with or without the owner(s) present. Time and place of the training is up to your discretion. Each session is customised to fit the needs of the dog and owner, and involves focused training exercises to attain the predetermined training objectives.

Click here for examples of training objectives.

How much is it?

$4,000 in total for the first 20 training sessions. $1,500 for subsequent increments of 10 sessions. Each training session lasts an hour.

Required training equipment and other related fees are not included. Discounts for multiple dogs in the same home.

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