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Our Commitment to Community

Bark of Duty was created to serve a larger purpose than turning a profit. Beyond helping individuals and families develop rewarding relationships with their dogs, we want to provide an invaluable service to the community by training exceptional Assistance Dogs and reliable Conservation Detection Dogs.

We are a social enterprise serving Singapore and Southeast Asia by providing a diverse range of top-quality dog training solutions.

Christine Ho is Bark of Duty's Head Trainer. She comes with a deep devotion to all animals and years of hands-on experience in dog training. She believes that canines become mankind's faithful companions through fair leadership, clear and consistent communication, respect, trust and most importantly, fun. Her credentials include:

Our passion for working with animals and being of service to others drives us

What Drives Us

Our passion for working with animals and
being of service to others.

After over a decade of doing both in various official (and unofficial) roles, it's time to fulfill our calling by bringing these pursuits together every single day.

With our expertise and experience, we endeavour to enrich the lives of canines and humanity through the enhancement of communication between dog and person, and the fulfilment of our duties to each other.

Why This Matters

World-class companion, assistance and working dogs elevate our lives, our communities and our planet.

Humankind and dogs have shared a strong cooperative bond for centuries. What began as a transactional working relationship has evolved into a mutually fulfilling, productive and loving partnership.

The assistance dog industry in Southeast Asia is in its infancy. We want to advocate for the transformative power of working dogs, demonstrating the direct impact they can have on those who are differently abled, on conservation efforts, and on individuals and communities living alongside well-trained companions.

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