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Mobility Assistance Dogs provide physical and emotional support

Mobility Assistance Dog

Mobility Assistance Dogs are highly skilled and well-trained working dogs that provide mobility and stability assistance to children or adults with disabilities that affect their mobility. They help to make everyday life easier, offering independence and freedom to their partners. Every Mobility Assistance Dog is selected and trained according to the specific needs of the individual with mobility issues. They are handled either by their partner if capable, or by a family member especially for children.


Improve Independence

They provide physical support like assisting in daily activities and providing stability while walking or shifting positions, allowing their partners to be less reliant on others and promote self-sufficiency.

Encourage Social Interaction

They serve as social catalysts and alleviate stress, encouraging social interaction and promoting engagement with peers, family members and the larger community.

Enhance Safety

They help their partners to balance and prevent falls when shifting from one position to another, e.g. from the wheelchair to the toilet, thus providing extra safety. They can call for help in an emergency and their presence can help their partners feel less vulnerable.

Foster Healthy Living

They require daily outdoor exercise, training and play time with their partners and their families, which in turn foster healthy living through regular exercise.

Increase Confidence

They provide psychological acceptance and companionship, which together with being capable of greater independence, boost confidence and instil a sense of motivation in their partners.

Vital Tasks

Mobility Assistance Dogs are trained to perform specific tasks to make everyday life easier for their partners. The tasks are chosen based on their partner’s individual needs. Examples of these vital tasks include:


Balance and Stability Assistance

They can brace themselves and allow their partner to use them for support when shifting from one position to another, e.g. from a wheelchair to a car or getting in and out of bed. They can use counter balance or momentum to help their partner get up. They can also help individuals with impaired balance, gait or coordination to walk safely.

Mobility Dogs can help in stability and balance
Mobility Assistance Dog retrieving dropped item



They can be trained to identify fallen objects, like keys or mobile phone, and return them to their partner who has difficulty in reaching dropped items. They can also be taught to retrieve specific objects, like bags, crutches or first aid kit, when asked.


Carry Items

Using a backpack, they can help carry items for their partner. This is useful for those who need to use a mobility aid with both hands and may not have the dexterity or strength to carry many items on their own.

Mobility Assistance Dog with harness to carry items
Mobility Assistance Dogs can help to press buttons


Press Buttons

They can be trained to press the button to call the lift or to open automatic doors for their partner who has difficulty doing so. They can also be trained to press a panic button in case of emergencies, like if their partner has fallen or is injured.


Open and Close Doors

They can open doors for their partner to go through easily, or open drawers, cabinets and refrigerators to retrieve specific items, closing the doors after they are done.

Mobility Assistance Dogs can help to open and close doors
Mobility Assistance Dogs can help to turn lights on and off


Reach Light Switches

They can turn light switches on or off on command if their partner has difficulty reaching them. This can be useful when entering a room, going to bed or waking up.

Mobility Assistance Dogs are improving the quality of life of countless of people around the world who have disabilities that affect their mobility. They provide support when their partners move from place to place, whether it is by foot or wheelchair, and perform a variety of tasks to help in day to day activities, aiding their partners to gain confidence and independence. Their unconditional love and devoted companionship offers reassurance, security and friendship, and opens up a new world of freedom for their partners.

Are you ready to consider how a Mobility Assistance Dog can change your life? Get in touch with us and we will be glad to answer all your questions on Mobility Assistance Dogs and how one can join your family.

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