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All dogs big and small can learn trailing

Search and Rescue Trailing

Impressed at how dogs can sniff out people, be it a lost child, a dangerous fugitive or a family trapped under a collapsed building? Harness your dog’s remarkable sense of smell and teach your dog to trail, which is to channel your dog’s own natural abilities to follow and find a person by using scent left behind. In addition to having tons of fun while learning a new skill that could be used to save someone’s life one day, it is great physical and mental stimulation for your dog.

In this class, you will learn the basics of trailing for human scent, how to teach your dog to trail effectively and how to understand your dog’s behaviour in order to work well as a team. Starting with hot trails, in which your dog finds a person using sight, by the end of the class your dog will be able to complete a cold trail, in which your dog finds a person using only the sense of smell.

Who is it for?

For all dogs (recommended 6 months old and up). For owners who want to enhance the partnership with their dog and learn a new skill together while having fun. Two participants are required for each dog, one to handle the dog and one to lay a trail and hide. The dog handler must be physically able to run with the dog. Dogs should have no major aggression issues.

What is it?


Ten group training sessions held weekly at various locations. Trainer will teach owners how to teach and train their respective dogs. Owners are expected to practise the assigned exercises. The trainer will monitor the class' progress and tailor each session to the needs of the class.

Each class will be kept small with no more than four dogs.

Click here for more details on the curriculum.

How much is it?

$1,000 in total for ten group training sessions. Training sessions are held once per week unless informed otherwise and last for 1.5 hours. Required training equipment is not included.

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