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Possible Training Objectives

  1. Socialisation
    • To new people, new dogs, new environments, new things and sounds, and confidence building.
    • Specifically for puppies as well as fearful dogs that were under socialised or badly socialised as a puppy.
  2. Basic obedience and other useful commands at home and around the neighbourhood
    • Sit (sit upright), Down (lay down), Stay (remain in position), Come (when called), Heel (to follow you by your side, walk when you walk and sit when you stop), and Place (to go to and remain on a mat)
    • Leave It (to ignore something), and Drop It (to let go of something)
    • Specifically for puppies and dogs that do not know the basic obedience commands, need commands to be repeated constantly, or do not listen to the commands.
  3. Advance obedience at home and around the neighbourhood
    • Basic obedience commands off-leash with the use of an electronic collar, or e-collar, which we will teach you how to use safely and effectively.
    • Specifically for dogs that already know the basic obedience commands and you would like to improve their focus and be able to control them off-leash so that they can have more freedom at home and outdoors.
  4. House manners
    • Such as not to bolt out the door, jump on people, pull on the leash, steal food from the table or trash bin, excessive barking, chasing cars or cats, other housebreaking issues, and any undesirable behaviours.
  5. Behaviour modification
    •  Includes rehabilitating problems such as aggression, fear, marking, guarding and biting.
  6. Learning a new skill
    • Dog sports like scent work detection, search and rescue trailing, swimming or agility.
    • Tricks like retrieve, keeping toys, sit pretty or begging.
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