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House training a dog includes potty training and crate training

House Training

Is your puppy or new dog eliminating everywhere and destroying your home? Does your dog have problems distinguishing between his things and yours? Help your dog to adjust and feel comfortable at home by teaching him where to go potty and setting clear structure and boundaries. Established boundaries in your dog’s life provide safety, clarity and support relaxation in a dog, whereas a lack of structure and boundaries can lead to behavioural issues such as stress, anxiety, fear and aggression.
Lessons are customised to you and your dog’s requirements. You will learn how to effectively potty train and crate train your dog, as well as successfully introduce your dog to your home and teach him your house rules. We will also provide tips on how to enrich your dog’s life and ensure that both of you can feel comfortable and relaxed at home.

Who is it for?

For all dogs and puppies (8 weeks old and up) who have not been successfully house trained, i.e. eliminate at different places in the home, have difficulties respecting boundaries, excessively destructive, etc.

What is it?


Three private lessons held weekly at your home. Trainer will teach owners how to successfully house train your dog. Owners are expected to work on the assigned exercises.

How much is it?

$500 in total for three private lessons for one dog. Lessons are held once per week unless informed otherwise and last for an hour. Required training equipment is not included. Discounts for multiple dogs in the same home.

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