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Unleash your dog's potential with private lessons on off leash training

Off Leash Obedience

Bring your dog’s obedience to the next level by perfecting your off leash control so you can relax and have fun with your dog at the dog park, beach and anywhere in-between. Unleash your dog’s potential while keeping your dog safe and maintaining control at all times with the use of an electronic collar, or e-collar. By providing clear communication on and off leash, the e-collar is a life changing tool that helps you to get your dog’s attention, improves your dog’s ability to listen to you while distracted and increases off-leash reliability, which equates to more freedom for your dog and enables you to give your dog the bigger, fuller life he deserves.

In this programme, you will learn about the e-collar, and how to use it safely and effectively as a communication tool. Unlike outdated methods of using the e-collar as a punitive tool, you will learn the latest techniques on how to effectively use the e-collar to clearly communicate with your dog. Together, we will introduce the e-collar to your dog and practise the basic obedience commands off leash for complete control. We will also answer any questions on dog training or your dog’s behaviour, and address specific issues you may have with your dog.

Contact us now to arrange a free in-home evaluation and ascertain if Off Leash Obedience Private Lessons are suitable for you!

Who is it for?

For all dogs and puppies (6 months old and up) who are able to reliably perform the five basic obedience commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Heel) in different settings with average distractions on leash. For owners who want off leash dog training lessons at a time and place convenient to them. For owners who want to unleash their dog’s potential, both literally and figuratively, while maintaining control of your dog, keeping you, your dog and those around you safe. Dogs should have no major aggression issues.

What is it?


Four private lessons held weekly at your home. Trainer will teach owners how to teach and train their dog on the e-collar in a way that best suits them and their dog’s needs and learning styles. Owners are expected to practise the assigned exercises.

Click here for more details on the curriculum.

How much is it?

Discounted price of $560 (U.P. $800) in total for four private lessons for one dog. Lessons are held once per week unless informed otherwise and last for an hour. Required training equipment is not included. Discounts for multiple dogs in the same home.

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