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Private basic obedience lessons at home

Basic Obedience

Whether you just got a puppy or you have your dog for years, it is always good to teach your dog good habits such as to come when called, wait patiently and greet visitors nicely. Furthermore, get a jump on bad habits before they form or get worse, like pulling on the leash, dashing out the house and stealing food from the table. With good communication,  socialisation and teamwork, you can earn the trust, respect and love of your furry companion, establish yourself as a dependable and fair pack leader, and have a reliable and well-balanced member of the family.

In this programme, you will learn everything you need to know to raise a dependable and well-rounded companion, from the fundamentals of how dogs learn and communicate, to the different phases of dog training to ensure your dog responds to you reliably. We will work with you on effective house training, socialisation, basic grooming and specific issues you may have with your dog.

Contact us now to arrange a free in-home evaluation and ascertain if Basic Obedience Private Lessons are suitable for you!

Who is it for?

For all dogs and puppies (8 weeks old and up). For owners who want basic dog training lessons at a time and place convenient to them. For owners who want their dogs to understand, listen and respond reliably in all situations, and may have specific issues to address in the home environment. Dogs should have no major aggression issues.

What is it?


Six private lessons held weekly at your home. Trainer will teach owners how to teach and train their dog in a way that best suits them and their dog’s needs and learning styles. Owners are expected to practise the assigned exercises.

Click here for details on a possible lesson plan.

How much is it?

$1,200 in total for six private lessons for one dog. Lessons are held once per week unless informed otherwise and last for an hour. Required training equipment is not included. Discounts for multiple dogs in the same home.

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